Further information on Asthma – To Shield or not to Shield

Dear Patients,

It is apparent from the increase in enquires regarding; if you are asthmatic and what risk group you are in, that we should clarify from the current information we have available to us. Please remember, that in the first instance the NHS will have contacted you by letter if you need to shield yourself for 12 weeks. We are currently awaiting  information from them, so that we may check all the patients that we have against that list.

As of today, 7th April we are still awaiting some information and are also working to find our patients with the criteria given, please bear with us while we ensure that no one is missed. Again, if you feel that you should be ‘shielding’ then please do so, but otherwise follow the risk group strategy and minimise contact with others as per the government guidance here at this website to explain what to do.

Asthma UK are a very useful group to gain information and their website can be found here https://www.asthma.org.uk/advice/triggers/coronavirus-covid-19/

Information correct as of 7/4/2020 17:27