Flu situation & Covid Boosters October 2021

Dear Patients,


We are experiencing a significant disruption to our flu deliveries which is preventing us from making firm flu bookings. We had allowed for any delays but now we have been informed today that there is a longer delay which may affect our dates.

The supplier we use have reduced the number of vaccines we are receiving at each delivery, changing the dates of delivery at short notice. This means cancelling and rearranging some of our pre-booked appointments.

This is a national problem with flu suppliers and affects mostly patients below 65 years rather than the over 65 age group. Those of you with pre booked appointments that are impacted will be contacted by us. Please do not call the practice , we promise we will contact you. Just please ensure that you have all your contact details up to date on your clinical record please.

If you have not already had your appointment booked, you can reserve your flu vaccine by filling in a flu form at : /navigator/flu-vaccination-request/  and as soon as we have additional dates, we will send you a text with a time and date (which you can change), or we will ring you if you do not have texting facility. You can of course also call us after 11am and before 4pm to make a reservation.

We are expecting our delivery company to contact us before 18th October to inform us of  our subsequent deliveries and therefore we can arrange for our patients to receive their vaccination after this date.

It is incredibly frustrating for us as a team as we are usually very proud of how it works for both patients and the Practice. As soon as we get the information we will pass it on to you via the website news.


For Phase 1 & 2 we joined with the other practices within our PCN with five other PCNs in Derby City to deliver the service from Derby Arena. For Phase 3, the specification has changed slightly and it means we have to have sites approved and validated etc as the Derby Arena is no longer available to use and the Royal British Legion is unfortunately not an approved site for the covid booster due to the refrigeration needed for the vaccine.

We are looking to use the Midland House,1 Nelson St, Derby DE1 2SA as a venue instead and run the clinics from there ourselves – as soon as we have dates, we will again communicate to individual patients to book in. If in the meantime you get an invitation from the NHS App or NHS letter, then please feel free to book at your nearest mass vaccination centre. Please remember that you have to be 182 days post your 2nd Dose in order to receive your covid booster, no one will be allowed to vaccinate you sooner than this number of days unless you are an immunosuppressed patient, please see below.

For Immunosuppressed patients, we will be in touch separately regarding your 3rd Dose as opposed to a ‘covid booster’. They are going to run separate clinics for this purpose and will be turned away if you do not satisfy the criteria which is why we want to contact you separately as soon as we have those dates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Your team at MMC